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Dermatologist for children

Looking for an experienced dermatologist for your child? Gustav Clinic – Children’s Clinic in Warsaw’s Mokotow district is the place where you will receive comprehensive care for your little one’s skin. In our clinic, skin problems are dealt with by dermatologist Małgorzata Kostrzewa, who is appreciated for her exceptional approach to young patients and comprehensive explanations of the disease and management.

Experience in the treatment of dermatological diseases

A pediatric dermatologist will help with many skin problems, including :

  • Skin rashes and itching: baby acne, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, urticaria or ringworm.
  • Nail problems: nail fungus, nail deformities, brittle nails or bacterial infections.
  • Hair problems: alopecia areata, seborrheic dermatitis, or bacterial infections.
  • Nevi and other skin lesions: viral warts, scars, or skin cancer.

Diagnosis and treatment

During the visit, your dermatologist performs a thorough examination of the skin, detects and diagnoses skin lesions, He may also recommend appropriate treatment, such as antibacterial drugs, antifungal drugs, steroids or other specialized creams that can help treat skin lesions. In addition, he may also prescribe oral or injectable medications for more advanced or severe skin diseases.

We use specialized equipment such as a dermoscope to examine nevi and liquid nitrogen to remove skin lesions (cryotherapy). In the case of lesions that require it, our clinic also offers pediatric surgery and histopathological examination.

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Małgorzata Kostrzewa, MD