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Aleksandra Bobrowicz works as a neurologist.

A graduate of the University of Warsaw and the Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities, she holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Polish philology and speech therapy, as well as postgraduate studies in neurology.
She gained professional experience working primarily in rehabilitation and psychological-educational clinics for children and adolescents, as well as in private therapeutic institutions. She is constantly improving his qualifications at numerous training courses and conferences.

During the course of classes, she strives to create a pleasant and safe space, full of empathy and mutual trust. She treats each patient and his family on an individual basis, choosing methods and techniques of work tailored to the needs of the child, as well as making demands according to the abilities and skills of his charges.

In her daily work, she deals with:

  • diagnosis and therapy of speech and articulation disorders (delayed speech development, aphasia, dyslalia)
  • speech therapy prophylaxis for infants and young children
  • difficulties with breast/bottle feeding and diet expansion
  • oceną funkcji i budowy aparatu artykulacyjnego

Completed courses and specialized training:

  • Neurological diagnosis and therapy of oral function disorders related to food intake and speech broadcasting
  • Early disorders of oral (digestive, respiratory and phonatory) function in newborns and infants Of those at risk of pregnancy and birth stress
  • Early diagnosis and speech therapy stimulation
  • Swallowing disorders in children and adults. Diagnosis, therapy methods
  • Sensomotor therapy and correction of oral-facial dysfunctions
  • A practical course in alternative and assistive communication methods (AAC)
  • Operation and use of MÓWik and Boardmaker programs in therapy and education of non-speaking children
  • Makaton (1st degree)
  • Oral position therapy
  • Logopedic diagnosis and therapy of disorders of the masticatory motor system
  • Flexible Therapeutic Taping in speech therapy
  • Manual therapy in speech therapy
  • Myofunctional therapy
  • Human Touch Therapeutic Feeding
  • Food selectivity with a sensory-motor basis
  • Diagnosis and therapy of speech development disorders in neurologically ill children
  • The infant at the speech therapist, part I. Speech therapy care for the infant -introduction
  • Infant at the speech therapist II, Miobobo©, shortened sublingual frenulum in infants – a practical approach
  • Thumb sucking through the eyes of a neurologist
  • Resting position of the tongue as part of myofunctional diagnosis of newborns and infants. Own observations against the background of the literature
  • Pacifier – a speech therapist’s vademecum
  • The use of phonation games in speech therapy for the youngest children
  • Stimulation of the oral-facial sphere using innovative speech therapy aids (Dr. Lypako multi-needle applicators, chevy tubes)

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