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Medical doctor Maciej Marczak is a pediatrician (undergoing specialization).

Graduate of the First Medical Faculty of Warsaw Medical University. He is undergoing specialty training in pediatrics, in the Department of Pneumonology, Childhood Allergology and Pediatrics at the Children’s Clinical Hospital of the Karol Szymanowski Hospital for Children. Józef Polikarp Brudziński in Warsaw.

He regularly participates in pediatric conferences and trainings.

He has completed a course in transthoracic lung ultrasonography conducted by the Roztoczan School of Ultrasonography. He performs lung ultrasound in children.

The doctor has an exceptional approach to children and is extremely empathetic and thorough. The visit and examination are conducted in a very calm and friendly atmosphere.

In addition to sick children, the doctor also consults healthy children:

  • assesses the newborn in the first days of life
  • advises on how to deal with the ailments of the newborn and infant age: intestinal colic, indigestion, drooling, etc.
  • explains the principles of nutrition for the newborn and infant
  • explains the principles of proper care
  • conducts health balances for children
  • performs allergy tests

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