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Medical doctor Milena Franckiewicz specialist in child neurology

She has been involved in child neurology since her studies, during which she was a member and then chairman of the Scientific Circle at the Department of Pediatrics and Developmental Age Neurology of the Faculty of Medicine of the Silesian Medical University in Katowice. He is gaining experience in managing patients at the Clinical Department of Neurology and Pediatrics and the Neurological Outpatient Clinic for Children and Adolescents at the University Clinical Center of Warsaw Medical University.

She gained additional experience in treating children’s diseases while working at Children’s Primary Health Care Clinics and Children’s Emergency Care.

Scientific achievements include:

  • Opening of the doctoral dissertation at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry of the Warsaw Medical University, thesis title: “Comparison of the efficacy of dexamteazone and prednisone in the treatment of acute idiopathic peripheral facial nerve palsy”.
  • Authorship of numerous scientific publications in peer-reviewed Polish and foreign scientific journals, chapters in textbooks
  • Active participation in scientific conferences and workshops
  • Participation in the EPIMARKER research project
    (“Application of new methods for the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy and neurodevelopmental disorders in children based on a clinical and cellular model of mTOR pathway-dependent epilepsy.”
    ) conducted at the Department of Child Neurology at the Medical University of Warsaw.

Neurologist Milena Franckiewicz, MD, is an active member of the Polish Society of Child Neurologists (member of the review committee of the Warsaw Regional Branch of PTND).

Pediatric neurologist – os. Marina, Mokotow

In clinical practice, he deals with, among other things. psychomotor developmental delay, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, tics, Tourettes syndrome, autism, ADHD, Rett syndrome, non-epileptic seizure disorders, muscle tension disorders, headaches, peripheral nerve diseases, skin and nerve diseases, neuroborreliosis.

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