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Medical doctor Sylwia Czarnecka specializes in pediatric neurology.

Physician Sylwia Czarnecka is a graduate of the Second Medical Faculty of the Medical University of Warsaw. She pursued her interest in neurology at first as a member of student neurological research clubs, then as chairwoman of the Child Neurology Circle at the Clinical Hospital of the Warsaw Medical University.

She is a doctor in the process of pediatric neurology residency. She is gaining her experience in the Branch of Clinical Department of Neurology and Pediatrics and the Neurology Outpatient Clinic for Children and Youth of the University Clinical Center of Warsaw University Medical. In addition, she is a member of Polish Society of Child Neurologists and co-author of publications scientific papers in Polish and foreign journals and co-authored chapters In textbooks.

Medical doctor Sylwia Czarnecka diagnoses and treats nervous system disorders in patients from birth to 18 years of age.

A special area of interest is disorders of development psychomotor development in infants, muscle tone disorders, cerebral palsy, headaches,epilepsy, tics, genetic and metabolic diseases, chorea, vascular diseases, peripheral nerve diseases peripheral nerve diseases, skin and nerve diseases.She continues to explore his knowledge and develop his skills by participating in courses and training courses at home and abroad.

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