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Katarzyna Rutka has a master’s degree in physiotherapy and graduated from the Social Academy of Sciences in Warsaw.

She gained her professional experience during her internship in pediatric physiotherapy at Warsaw Children’s Hospitals and Foundations for disabled children, as well as working at the Medical Center.

In physiotherapy, she looks at the young patient holistically and works with parents to achieve the best therapeutic effect. She systematically participates in developing trainings in the field of pediatric physiotherapy, and has completed a course in the NDT- Bobath method. She provides consultations (nursing instruction) for children from birth and therapy for children 0-3 years.

Pediatric physiotherapist – os. Marina, Mokotow

Physiotherapist Katarzyna Rutka specializes in working with disorders such as muscle tone disorders, positional asymmetry, delayed motor development, musculoskeletal dysfunctions (such as torticollis) and problems with colic, reflux, feeding, difficult delivery (SN, CC).

In her work he uses elements of the NDT- Bobath method, manual therapy, kinesiotaping and osteopathy techniques.

Completed courses:

  • NDT- Bobath Basic
  • Functional assessment for developmental age patients (0-7 years)
  • Osteopathy in pediatrics and neonatology
  • Soft tissue mobilizations and dynamic patching in pediatrics
  • Rehabilitation in developmental disorders of infants from 0-12 months
  • Kinesiotaping
  • Level I of Sensory Integration
  • Tri-plane manual foot therapy

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