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technik ortopeda Monika

Orthopedic technician Monika Jarczewska is the founder and president of the Monika Jarczewska Foundation. Ignatius Ponseti while studying to become an orthopedic technician.

Monika Jarczewska has been helping parents of children with clubfoot understand their child’s defect since 2016, as well as building knowledge about correct treatment – the Ponseti method.

Since 2018, she has been running a dedicated support group for parents on Facebook, giving the highest possible value and quality of knowledge and assistance at this time in many areas of life related to the child’s defect and its treatment. It is a member of the Clubfoot Europe-Clubfoot World association, which in cooperation with, among others. with the Ponseti Foundation is contributing to improving the quality of treatment for children with clubfoot in Europe.

She works with many doctors around the world who specialize in the treatment of congenital clubfoot, including the Ponseti International Association, an organization that trains and brings together doctors who treat with the Ponseti method. It has been trusted by more than 1,700 parents, and 141 children have avoided unwarranted and unnecessary invasive surgeries.

Her special interests include:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of club foot and foot defects in children
  • Orthopedic supplies for children, adolescents and adults with clubfoot
  • To promote the natural development of the foot based on the latest scientific research and promote appropriate shoes for children

Privately, she is a mom to Ignacy and Stanisław, born with a right clubfoot, and a fan of cycling and reading books.

Orthopedic technician – Marina estate, Mokotow

At the Gustav Clinic, Monika supports parents of children with congenital clubfoot by conducting one-on-one meetings for them, but also as a cast technician, she helps doctor Jacek Kąpiński in the real-world treatment of children’s feet, placing casts and fitting appropriate orthopedic equipment.

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