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Zuzanna Adamska, M.Sc. is a master’s degree in physiotherapy, a graduate of the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw, Faculty of Rehabilitation. She spent six months studying Physiotherapy at the University of Valencia.

For more than 10 years, physiotherapist Zuzanna Adamska has been working with younger children and teenagers with postural defects (including scoliosis), postural tension disorders, more severe neurological disorders, including cerebral palsy, neuromuscular diseases, genetic defects, and children with psychomotor development disorders.

Pediatric physiotherapist – os. Marina, Mokotow

In her work in pediatric physiotherapy, he likes to combine different physiotherapy methods, looking for the right form of therapy for each patient. As Zuzanna says: “It is important for me as a therapist that both the child and parents understand the problem of the occurrence of a postural disorder and realize exactly what is happening during therapy. This allows them to successfully implement the therapeutic goals on a daily basis.”

Pediatric physiotherapist – therapy for fun

She conducts pediatric physiotherapy classes in a cheerful manner, and strives to create a safe and friendly atmosphere, which allows to realistically increase the effectiveness of therapy. Privately, she is a mother of two cheerful boys. She enjoys all kinds of travel, walking in the woods and tracking wild animals.

Courses, training and workshops:

  • NDT Bobath neurodevelopmental therapy
  • PNF (Prioprioceptive Neuromuscular Fascilitation).
  • FITS – Functional Individual Scoliosis Therapy
  • Sensory Integration Level I and II
  • Multidimensional manual foot therapy
  • The foot – the latest research and therapies
  • Hand Therapy
  • Kinesiotaping
  • Muscle imbalance therapy techniques
  • Soft tissue mobilization techniques
  • Soft tissue therapy in pediatrics
  • The effect of the trunk and its activities on the upper and lower limbs
  • Postural control mechanism – development, disorders, therapy
  • The latest look at the problem of spasticity among children with MPD
  • Early intervention in a child aged 0-12 months with impaired psychomotor development

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