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Pediatric surgeons

Maria Jablonska, MD

Pediatric surgeon

Maria Jablonska, MD

Pediatric surgeon

Pediatric surgeons at GUSTAV – Children’s Clinic

Pediatric surgery is a special branch of general surgery. This particular subspecialty has been distinguished primarily because of the significant anatomical differences between children and adults, but also because of the specificity of childhood diseases and the need to confront congenital and developmental defects in the youngest patients. Pediatric surgeons offer consultations and diagnosis and surgical treatment of conditions in children from the first days of life to the age of 18.

The GUSTAV Children’s Clinic could not miss a pediatric surgeon. He is a specialist who offers professional surgical advice, qualifies for surgical procedures and performs selected surgical procedures. In addition, the pediatric surgeon is part of the GUSTAV Clinic’s interdisciplinary team and works closely with orthopedists, physiotherapists and neurologists, allowing us to offer comprehensive support to our young patients and their families.

Children’s surgeons Warsaw? At GUSTAV Children’s Clinic you are guaranteed a professional and individual, empathetic approach to each patient. We make every effort to ensure that each visit is conducted in a calm, friendly and as comfortable an atmosphere as possible.