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GUSTAV Children’s Clinic is more than a medical clinic for children. It’s a place where highly qualified specialists in various medical fields join forces to provide your child with comprehensive, specialized care. Our offerings range from pediatric and adult orthopedics, pediatric physiotherapy, pediatric neurology, neurology, to a preluxation clinic, a posture defects clinic, pediatric allergology, pediatric surgery, dermatology and a pediatric outpatient clinic.

We also look forward to your visit to our newest clinic, neurofeedback, where specialists help children cope with various challenges, such as ADHD, safely and effectively.

We strive to ensure that every child receives professional medical care from the first days of life. Our team consists of experienced orthopedists, physiotherapists, neurologists, neurologists and other specialists who work together to help your child grow healthy and happy.

Welcome to GUSTAV Children’s Clinic – a place where your child is the most important thing to us.

GUSTAV Children’s Clinic – orthopedics, neurology, physiotherapy, SI therapy

GUSTAV Children’s Clinic is a modern medical clinic offering comprehensive care for the health and proper development of the child from the first days of life. Our interdisciplinary team of specialists is a guarantee of a holistic approach to a small patient. In one place you can get help from pediatric specialists: orthopedists, physiotherapists, neurologists, allergologists, surgeons, dermatologists and pediatricians.

All specialists who co-found the GUSTAV Clinic work closely together, so that you and your child can count on prompt and professional support in any situation requiring interdisciplinary consultation. Our orthopedists also offer consultations and treatment for adult patients.

  • A team of experienced doctors and physiotherapists

    In creating the GUSTAV Children’s Clinic team, we wanted to work with the best representatives of each specialty. In our ranks you will find doctors and physiotherapists with all the necessary qualifications and extensive experience in treating and providing therapy to children of different ages and with different needs. They are matter-of-fact professionals who excel in interpersonal competence, who have a sensational approach to patients and a great rapport with parents/caregivers of children. At GUSTAV Children’s Clinic, you and your child are in good hands!

  • Professional SI, NDT Bobath, FITS and BSPTS therapy

    Our goal is not only to conduct balance sheets and preventive examinations and make diagnoses, but also to offer you as much support as possible in treating your child’s conditions and disorders. Our specialists are qualified to plan and conduct sensory integration therapy (SI therapy), infant and toddler physiotherapy using the NDT Bobath method, scoliosis therapy using methods recommended by SOSORT (FITS and BSPTS), hand therapy and specific brain training (biofeedback, neurofeedback), among others. The GUSTAV Clinic is staffed by experienced pediatric physiotherapists who have a state-of-the-art equipped room and therapy rooms at their exclusive disposal.

Modern and well-equipped offices

Consultations are held in pleasant offices, the decor of which we have designed to create a home-like atmosphere. The interiors are designed to provide a sense of security for young patients and provide access to all necessary amenities for their adult caregivers.

All medical offices have been equipped with the necessary equipment. Among other things, we have state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment on site, Tubinger devices for treating hip dysplasia, and accessories to help treat equinus foot. The GUSTAV Outpatient Clinic also has a plaster room adapted to the needs of the youngest patients and a professional treatment room.

How can we help you?

Determine what specialized service you need and schedule a consultation in the most convenient way for you: by phone or electronically.

If you have any doubts about what kind of support you or your child needs – call us! Our registrars are also students from the medical, obstetrics and psychology departments, respectively. They are able to guide appropriately, suggest the appropriate type of consultation and select the best specialist for the problem.