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Why should you come to our neurologopedic clinic for children?

Young parents may have many doubts about their child’s development. Not every problem is an indication of abnormal development or defect, but any worrisome symptoms should be consulted with a specialist. This will avoid major health problems at a future stage of the child’s development.

Neurologopedic outpatient clinic for children – when to see us?

The neurologopedic outpatient clinic for children was established to address all the concerns of parents. Why enroll in a pediatric neurology clinic? Experienced specialists here work with children from their first days of life. Among other things, their role is to assess the correctness of a newborn’s breast grasping and suckling, which is extremely important in the first few days of a baby’s life. An infant who does not properly latch on or is unable to properly take breast milk from the mother’s breast is at risk of weight loss, which can be fraught with consequences. During the visit, doctors also evaluate the structure of the oral cavity and its muscle tone. They check lips, tongue, frenulum length and, most importantly, reflexes from major facial points. This is because it is very important to carefully examine all physical issues before the diagnosis shifts to neurological disorders.

Eliminate your child’s speech disorder

If a child is not properly diagnosed at the very start of his or her life, he or she will be vulnerable to problems arising during the expansion of the diet – and then it may be too late to go to a speech therapy clinic for children. However, it is worth knowing that specialists in this field offer much more than just help with nutritional issues.

Some children struggle to communicate; although they try to communicate properly, they don’t always succeed. The cause may be disorders of the speech apparatus and disorders of neurological origin. These are precisely the conditions that specialists at the pediatric neurology clinic work with. We effectively deal with aphasia, alalia, dysarthria and speech fluency disorders. At Gustav Clinic, we know how to talk to the little ones so that their speaking skills steadily improve. We work with children of all ages – even infants.

Apply to our neurologopedic clinic for children in Mokotow, Os. Marina

Our pediatric neurologists also have experience with children who are intellectually disabled or exhibit the autism spectrum. We know how to work with the youngest. We encourage them to work, play and talk together. The neurologopedic clinic for children was created out of the need to treat all disorders and abnormalities.

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Our doctors

Milena Franckiewicz, MD

Pediatric neurologist

Milena Franckiewicz, MD

Pediatric neurologist

Sylwia Czarnecka, MD

Pediatric neurologist

Sylwia Czarnecka, MD

Pediatric neurologist